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Field Trips– A familiarity with the world outside their doors is an important component of the development of the children in the Little Grove. Regular explorations of the parks, visits with community helpers such as the Fire Fighters or Animal Control, and participation in programs at the Library and the Riverwalk Center are an important component of the Little Grove’s activity. The children understand that there are numerous people involved in the everyday functions of their lives, the bus drivers, the lift operators, the grocery store cashiers, and they are fascinated with understanding the roles that each plays.  Dramatic play is present every day and is often modeled after their most recent adventure in the local community.

Long Term explorations– The children in the Little Grove have achieved the ability to consider and implement long term investigations with great success. They instigate explorations of the complex ideas and participate in how to proceed with their investigations. As co-collaborators in their learning they utilize their teachers as guides, who possess great knowledge, as they navigate through and come to make meaning of what they discover.  These explorations can include learning about the properties of water, the life cycle of plants, and how to build a proper castle for a princess.  The children use a variety of media to gain an understanding of the matter at hand and communicate what they are learning. The children are respected as intelligent and insightful individuals who are capable of participating in a long term investigation.































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