The Reggio Method


“The Hundred Languages of Children” defines the Reggio approach as:


“…a collection of schools for young children in which each child’s intellectual, emotional, social,


and moral potentials are carefully cultivated and guided. The principal educational vehicle


involves youngsters in long-term engrossing projects, which are carried out in a beautiful, healthy,


love-filled setting.”


We are inspired by the Reggio approach, which is founded upon the following beliefs:


1. The child is an active, strong, competent collaborator in the evolution of their learning. Children are respected for their ideas,


observations, and theories which can be seen in the documentation of their work that lines the hallways and classrooms.


2. The teacher is a guide, rather than an instructor, who observes, questions, researches, documents, reflects, and interprets.


Teachers work as teammates, with a shared goal of finding ways to make the learning experience richer for the children, to


provoke greater insight into ideas and theories that children possess, and to encourage relationships both within and beyond our


classroom walls. Additional training and conference attendance are encouraged so teachers can continue on their own journey in


professional development.


3. The classroom is a teacher unto itself. The space the children share is appealing, natural, and reflects their specific interests.


The classroom is seen as a place for the children to explore, experiment, and observe all of the materials available to them. This


may include their own work, recycled and natural materials, and objects the teachers observe may be of interest to them. The


classroom contains areas for literacy, art, dramatic play, construction, science, and more. The materials are open-ended and allow


for individual, small group, and large group interactions.


4. The relationships that develop between the children, their families, and the teachers create opportunity for growth, reflection,


and support. The children and their families connect with the teachers as soon as they enter our doors, and these relationships


will continue long after the children have parted. We recognize the important role that children play in our lives and our town, and


we collaborate with our community to provide them every experience possible. Teachers regularly document the experiences of


the children at our school, providing parents and guests insight into their interests, learning, and development.


5. Long-term projects are at the core of our program, using the children’s interests and the teacher’s observations as the guide.


Children participate in small group and large group projects, involving observation, reflection, investigation, excursions,


questioning, and interviewing. Children process the information as they gather it and represent their learning in a variety of “languages”.


When children represent their ideas through a variety of medium or “languages”, they reinforce new knowledge, allow


chances to reflect and question, use this knowledge as a stepping stone to further investigation, and are able to share with others


what they have come to know. Gatherings are held daily, allowing the children a chance to share ideas, discuss and reflect on their


projects plans, and collaborate on common interests.


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